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K that would happen but it s an interesting theory More Jack Reacher then and I enjoyed this one than the last not as much as the early ones but it was very good They always are No messing around here Jack Reacher is Jack Reacher and that is ind of comfortingDon t expect any surprises there are not any The thing I mostly enjoy about these when I think about it is the fact that they are easy predictable do exactly what you expect them to do and are perfect reading when you don t want to have to think too much but want to be entertained Jack Reacher is highly entertaining He was hereThe story is good flows out in its usual indomitable style Jack pops into some lives gets rid of some bad guys puts the good guys back on track doesnt stand for nonsense and well buys a toothbrush And some new clothes Considering how simple it sounds and in a lot of ways it is I was enthralled as everThese are good readable books of the type that don t make promises they can t Run, Hide, Fight Back keep and the success of the series does not surprise me one bit and is absolutely deserved Lee Child may never write War and Peace but he will be read forever I have no doubtRecommended for thriller fansPurchased Copy It s much better than some reviews give it credit for What s wrong with people Reading some of the reviews on here you d be forgiven for thinking that this was a dreadful book whereas in fact the opposite is trueThere was a time somewhere around book 12 or 13 and lasting until around book 16 when I thought Reacher looked to have run his course But actually I feel like Lee Child has revitalised the franchise a bit in the last two or three outings In Personal the hard boiled style is still there and Reacher retains many of the personal traits that came to define him from the first book the loner who travels with a folding toothbrush a roll of notes a precise internal alarm clock and the ability to flatten any opponent in his pathBut with Personal I think we get a sense of Lee Child concentrating a bit on plot and substance and rather less on the ability of Jack Reacher to bulldoze his way through any and all opponents There s a bit to this than in previous books I felt For some fans of the series that may be the problem of course Reacher is a hard case and it s certainly true to say that the character s brutality albeit for the right reasons was what made me a fan of the series once I read The Killing Floor But head butting andnee snapping your way through every encounter with the bad guys only gets you so far and I was uite pleased to have a bit of depth added to our hero and his environment in this bookIs it classic Reacher No and there are one or two moments which prompt an arched eyebrow But by and large I thought this was a jolly good read done in the space of 24 hours on a Spanish beach and balconyThoroughly enjoyable if not uite the full five stars. New.

An excellent read with engaging characters and a decent plot Reacher is his usual self though maybe a little cautious than before and good to see him out and about in other countries The book Summer Bird Blue keeps you wanting to read on and I think the pace is just right Personally having read all of the books this is probably one of my favourites Excels the recent books by uite a margin I had feared Lee was running out of ideas and perhaps growing tired of Reacher but seriously back on form Highly recommended I enjoy these books Lee Child Comfort reading I think it s called When I haven t got one to read I miss itIf you read for fun rather than for work I would suggest that you try at least one Lee Child book Obviously you won t impress anyone but you ll be left with a feeling This is the 19th Jack Reacher book by Lee Child and I can t uite believe it I have been a fan from the beginning Yes they are ridiculous but I really just enjoy reading them They are ridiculously good fun and Jack Reacher for all his machismo false modesty and ability to do the uite unbelievable is still a great fictional characterLee Child swaps his narration position in these books uite often I prefer 3rd person this is 1st person which I find jarring with these books Nevertheless it s a typical Jack book A sniper has taken a shot at the French President and the only snipernown that Lee Child s early books were top flight entertainment As the series develops however the books seem to have fallen from the top of the stairs to the ground floor and regrettably this one is close to the basement It still has the same Reacher format but perhaps because it is set in familiar places just does not really work The characters seem too large for life the story is somewhat lacking in twists and turns and a few inaccuraciespoetic licence Boots doesn t sell mobile phones last time I went in the store mean that it is just not a very enjoyable readI do appreciate Mr Child s endeavours to deliver another good book and to be fair sitting on a beach reading it for 99p was not bad value it just was not very good Jack Reacher s drifting existence is interrupted by an message in an abandoned army newsletter He follows up to find his services are needed as a top sniper he once arrested might be planning a hit on world leaders and may already have had a practice shot at the French President Cue Reacher joining up with a young female CIA agent of course and tracking snipers to London via Paris Being British Lee Child is obviously on familiar British territory and the Brits are treated with respect and not as old fashioned and not up to the job which was a nice change But we see Reacher drawing out the bad guys for somewhat typical Reacher confrontations and his uniue moral stanceI was delighted to see the story move from small town in the middle of nowhere and vulnerable female of. Bra.

Fice to work with to a international aspect and of course the London aspect was entertaining too Having said that the plot and the reveal felt uite far fetched and over elaborate It felt like Lee Child wanted to take Reacher to London and struggled to find a clever way to make it happen While Reacher is always engaging and an easy read I ended up feeling somewhat underwhelmed So okay as a Reacher fix but I wanted a lot than this delivered I have long hoped Reacher would move out of the US of A so it was with considerable anticipation that I began this bookUnfortunately it proved to be an uninspiring readAn assassination attempt on the French president was a promising start all to soon lost in what became a wander through the Paris street map and here I was reminded of an earlier effort Echo Burning That also had all the marks of a holiday in the area dressed up as a rather lame storyHaving said that it could have recovered had the story not moved to the UK where even the use of the word GUN causes a high level of incontinence in the British establishment Here the gangland references were something a time warp sounding like the 50 s and the Kray twins saga than a modern comment on the crime world in the UKIncreasing frustration was amplified when I was expected to get excited by the introduction of some form of special glass the references to which went on and onAs to the final Oh what a relief Having read all of the Reacher books some than once it is so good to have our Jack back again with Personal The last decent Reacher book was IMO Worth Dying For no 15 The others since then have left me feeling disappointed and than a little bereft I missed my favourite action hero But here he is back again large as life pun intendedI won t summarise the plot because other reviewers have done that What I will say is that if you like your Reacher to be involved in fist fights gun fights and outwitting people with that oh so logical mind of his then look no furtherI liked the location being moved briefly to Paris and then to LondonEssex I think the last time Reacher was in the UK was for The Hard Way but that was a rural set up and it was good to see him in London with some amusing tongue in cheek observations about British peculiarities along the way I The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set: Paperback Classic Collection know that the Reacher wenow and lo This book seems out of ilter with other Reacher novels It s written in the first person which is OK But Reacher is compliant somehow and doesn t have uite the normal hard edgeThe plot is complicated than normal and Reacher has to do thinking than action although he does manage to beat up uite a few bad guysI can t put my finger on it but some thing was different about the whole bookApart from that it s a good yarn with lots of movement guesswork and plottingI read one review which suggested this book was partially ghost writtenI can t really thin. Nd.

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Lee Child is one of the world’s leading thriller writers He was born in Coventry raised in Birmingham and now lives in New York It is said one of his novels featuring his hero Jack Reacher is sold somewhere in the world every nine seconds His books consistently achieve the number one slot on bestseller lists around the world and have sold over one hundred million copies Two blockbusting Jack Reacher movies have been made so far He is the recipient of many awards most recently Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards He was appointed CBE in the 2019 ueen's Birthday Honours on PERSONAL (JACK REACHER 19)(B)